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 Regular Ranks, and Custom Ranks

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PostSubject: Regular Ranks, and Custom Ranks   Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:43 am

Regular Ranks will just be givin to you once you get 10 non-spam posts. Here is the list of Ranks that you will automatically recieve:

Human/Muggle - 10 Posts
The Sorcerer's Stone - 100 Posts
The Chamber of Secrets - 200 Posts
The Prizoner of Azkaban - 300 Posts
The Goblet of Fire - 400 Posts
The Order of the Phoenix - 500 Posts
The Half Blood Prince - 600 Posts
The Deathly Hallows - 700 Posts
Jacob Black - 800 Posts
Edward Cullen - 900 Posts
TwiPotter Invincible - 1000 or more Posts

You can also get Custom Ranks. Custom Ranks are anything you would like to label yourself as. For example: AlbusPotter - Jacob's Werewolf. If you would like a Custom Rank after you've hit 200 Posts, you must PM Me and tell me what your Custom Rank will be named, and a photo you would like to be the background.

Thank you and have fun posting!
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Regular Ranks, and Custom Ranks
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