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 Kokiro Kyushi/Black, Shadow Black

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PostSubject: Kokiro Kyushi/Black, Shadow Black   Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:44 am

Name: Kokiro Kyushi/Black
Age: 1,059

Kokiro's biological mother died from a disease in the eighttenth century.
Her father died when she was sixteen.
She was also turned into a vampire when she was sixteen.
Angered that her mother was dead, she ran at top speed to the olympic penisula from Yamanashi.
That night she met Shadow Black, Jacob's japanese cousin.
She was imprinted on, but one told her.
In 1925, she was bitten by a werewolf, and turned into a werebruxa or werepire.
In Japan it is a school requirement to learn how to fight.

Name: Shadow Black
Age: 1,062

Shadow is Kokiro's lover and Jacob's cousin. Like Kokiro, he is a werepire. Unlike her, he is the second werepire. His past is very vague because he does not remember it himself. However, Kokiro is trying to help him.
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Kokiro Kyushi/Black, Shadow Black
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